How about a couple accessaries for the 10/22 that will help with scope

alignment. barrel droop and extra scope elevation for long range shooting?

Here is a 10/22 receiver with a scope base that is machined with a small angle which elevates the rear of the scope to compensate for barrel droop and for long range shooting.

A closer shot with the “thick” end on the left. This base is made to provide approximately 15 MOA scope adjustment. Around .020” overall rise for the base at the rear.

Another helpful device is a anti barrel droop retainer

A common problem with 10/22’s is with the barrel drooping due to a loose fit into the receiver. Here the ground end of a set screw is shown. These are out of stock and no longer available.

The set screw is tensioned after the barrel retention bolts are torqued. This helps the barrel to remain stable and not move around while shooting. Just a little movement can cause erratic target feedback.